As owners, tenants or managers of a property save time and money with your energy metering, reporting and billing process. Simply automate it. For using Lexgate’s energy metering, reporting and billing portal, you need only a standard meter (electric, oil, heating, water, etc.) and an internet connection.

Thanks to Lexgate, owners, tenants and managers have access to the current and historical energy consumption data. Further they benefit from the advantages of digitalization in utility billing and energy optimization.

Electric, heating, water, oil...

Lexgate is the modular solution for metering, analyzing and billing all energy consumption in your buildings.

Standard interfaces

Due to the modular solution architecture, most PLC controllers and counters Lexgate are compatible.

Ancillary cost accounting

In a few seconds, you generate an energy bill or a consumption receipt for any billing period.

Immo-ERP Exports

All Lexgate data can be exported to real estate management software solutions via standardized interfaces.

Meter Health-Check

Immediate alerting in case of meter failures. This results in precise measurements and correct energy and utility bills.

Consumption analysis

Realtime and historical consumption statistics for consumption analysis and as a starting point for the implementation of energy optimization actions.

Automated Car Charger billing

Lexgate and ZAPTEC makes billing of big car charging setups very easy. Batch, charge. Thats it. Billing happens automatically on the energy or ancillary cost invoice.

Lexgate overview

Lexgate is a cost-effective and flexible solution for measuring the consumption of electricity, heat, water and other energy sources. Depending on your requirements, Lexgate provides you with modules for further processing of measurement data. Lexgate is compatible with all standard meters.
(electric, heat, water, oil, etc.) and modern PLC building controls. As a result, Lexgate is quickly set up and suitable for long-term and temporary metering solutions.

With numerous functions, such as meter failure detection, Lexgate meters efficiently and correctly.

Lexgate is multilingual and can be used with any currency.

Real estate metering, energy management and ancillary invoice generation

Lexgate significantly shortens your utility billing process. If your real estate management software has an interface, import current meter readings from Lexgate into your real estate management software at any time and in a few seconds. You will use them as before. Because Lexgate works in the background and does not require data maintenance after setup.

With Lexgate, you create consumption receipts and utility bills within seconds. With a personal login, you and
your tenants analyze the consumption data and answer questions about their consumption themselves. Consumption statistics also serve as a basis for energy optimization.

Corporate energy and ressource usage optimisation

The efficient use of energy helps companies save money, conserve resources and combat climate change. ISO 50001 supports organizations in all areas to use energy more efficiently. ISO 50001 requires energy reporting. With Lexgate, the analysis and visualization of energy consumption in the company is very simple.
The Lexgate reports are based on current and historical metering data and summarize the energy flows, if desired, over multiple properties.

Lexgate Milestones

With Lexgate, you always have the edge when it came to digitalization. Thanks to continuous development and up-to-date updates, you always work automatically with the latest Lexgate version.

Customer analyzes consumption data

2. October 2017

A building owner analyzes his current and historical heat, water and electrical consumption in the Lexgate online portal. The project was implemented with the existing metering infrastructure of the building.

Any structure for real estate, metering and cost-center

20. February 2019

Projects of any size and complexity are set up in Lexgate using any building, metering, cost-center and cost distribution structures.

The new Lexgate Version2

10. April 2019

In addition many new features such as contact and document management, the new Lexgate v2 fundamentally improves operation.

Generation of ancillary expenses accordance with VEWA guidelines

5. August 2019

Real estate management sends completely automatically generated ancillary expenses invoice. The invoices show all consumption and cost items for water, heat and electricity as well as all other ancillary cost items such as snow removal.

New Lexgate Version3 WebApp with complete API

8. April 2020

The new Lexgate version3 includes contract management. The ancillary expenses overview is calculated and displayed in real time.

The Lexgate backend communicates with any IT system thanks to its complete interfaces (API). The material design based WebApp frontend has been completely redesigned.

Document templates and QR payment slip

10. August 2020

The QR payment slip is now printed directly under the energy and ancillary cost invoice.

Thanks to the modular document templates, you can adjust consumption receipts and ancillary invoices according your needs.

This features are provided in the consistent multilingualism to which the Lexgate users are used to.

Automatically bill purchases from Zaptec charging stations

16. November 2020

ZAPTEC charging stations and Lexgate, make the administration and billing of the electric charging station purchases in any parking space is very easy.

After the batch process at any ZAPTEC charging station, the energy is directly charged to the living unit of the batch owner. The charging energy is then billed as usual on the utility bill which is automatically generated by Lexgate.

EMeter and Lexgate for RFID authentication and energy accounting for washing machines

12. October 2021

The EMeter, which has been developed by Enertech is a generic metering device with RFID authentication. The EMeter is for any kind of metering application like wash machine metering or EV-Charging with RFID authentication. The EMeter is seemlessly integrated in the Lexgate energymanagement plattform.

Lexgate Project-, Engineering- & Solutionguide

This document shows engineers, property owners and administrators the steps with which a Lexgate project is successfully implemented.
A sample offer for a Lexgate solution with a sample of meter system components is also covered in this document.

  • Lexgate at a glance
  • Lexgate project guide
    • Defining the project goal
    • Engineering
      • Building plan
      • Energy metering scheme
      • Metering infrastructure
      • Offer
      • Sample components (meters, gateways, PLCs)
    • Delivery, installation and configuration
    • Lexgate integration
    • Training and project completion
  • Lextira partner
  • Lexgate architecture
  • Lexgate API
  • Lexgate import interfaces
  • Lexgate export interfaces